Don’t Just Survive, Thrive – Part 1

Based on an enlightening blog by Chris Widener, Motivational Speaker & Author of Made for Success and Extraordinary Leaders:

“Survivor” has been one of the most-watched television shows. We admire those who survive! We tuned in every week to see who makes it next.

But even better than being a survivor is to be one who thrives! So, what are the differences between someone who survives and someone who thrives?

Here are a few:

  • A survivor gets by, a thriver gets ahead. Do you feel like you are just getting by? You don’t have to. You can actually get ahead! You can be out front! You can thrive!
  • A survivor is tired at the end, a thriver feels full of energy. When you are finished do you feel tired? You can thrive and be filled with energy! You can thrive!
  • A survivor has barely enough, a thriver has an abundance. Do you have more month left over at the end of your money? You can have more money left over at the end of your month! You can thrive financially!
  • A survivor is always on the edge, a thriver is on firm ground. Do you feel like you could fall over the edge at any time? You can get back on solid footing! You can feel firm about where you are. You can thrive!

So how do we shift from being a survivor to becoming a thrive?

Stay tuned for my next post.